The Awaken Wealth Approach to Wealth Management

Inspiring Intentionality Through Partnership and Trust

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Why We Believe in the Awaken Approach

We believe that the approach to an individual’s wealth management should be just that, individual. Your story is unique, filled with values, goals, and dreams that will span decades of time, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

Our approach is to be there with you as you live out your values, achieve your goals, and realize your dreams. We are your partners in wealth management services, working together to keep your financial plans on track throughout every season of your life and beyond.

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The emergence of knowledge and best practices, rising up for ones purposes.
wealth management services


Resources entrusted to us to live a fulfilling and complete life.
wealth management services


One who journeys alongside you, helping to navigate life’s riches and challenges.

The Significance of the Awaken Wealth Partners Logo

Our logo tells our story. The colors are intentional, blue and gold, representing abundance in both wealth and life. More importantly is what’s at the core of our logo, the letter P for Partners.

We are Awaken Wealth Partners. To us, that’s more than just a name; it’s a philosophy we live by. Our goal is to inspire intentionality, partnering with you, intentionally setting and achieving your financial goals in every phase of life, throughout your life.