Second Opinion Financial Services & Advisors in Houston TX

Why choose Awaken Wealth Partners for Your Second Opinion Review?

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When making major life decisions, it’s always wise to get a second opinion. Whether it’s buying a house or having an operation, you take every precaution to ensure you’re making the best decision.

second opinion review for your wealth portfolio and planning helps build confidence in knowing you are making the right decisions for yourself and your loved ones, today and for the future to come.

When selected to do a second opinion review, here are just a few factors we consider:

  • Does your wealth management professional have a financial plan that will grow with you throughout the seasons of life?
  • Is your wealth management team a fiduciary?
  • Do you know fees and expenses you are paying to manage your wealth?
  • Is your wealth management team reviewing tax minimization strategies with you?
  • And lastly, is legacy planning included in your wealth portfolio?

Take Advantage of a
Second Opinion Review