Holistic Planning in Houston, TX

Why Choose Awaken Wealth Partners for Your Holistic Financial Planning?

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Everyone has a story, a dream, a purpose in life; but rare is the person who has all of that planned out. Life planning is foundational to reaching your life goals.

When you meet with our team, we are there to listen to your goals, your fears, and your dreams so we can be your best advocates to help in planning the future you desire.

You will receive a plan from us with action steps that will help you reach your financial goals. Then, every quarter we will meet with you to see how well you are meeting your goals, making recommendations and changes to keep you on track.

One of our most common questions we receive is, “Why do I need to meet with you every quarter?” The answer is simple, because life doesn’t stay the same.

Life requires a plan that can grow with you every step of the way.

Plan the Life
You Want to Live